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Upper Deck Streamlines its Distribution Program

March 31, 2011

Upper Deck Streamlines its Distribution Program
Posted by T.S.

Last Friday, Upper Deck announced a new distribution program for its products that starts with items shipping in April. These moves were to strengthen and protect the company’s brands, while also streamlining and better-defining the company’s channels of distribution.

UPPER DECK NEW logo.jpgIn short, Upper Deck wants collectors to buy from shops, and distributors are to tailor to those shops and not sell direct to the consumer. Some of the specifics include the following:

"Authorized Upper Deck Hobby Distributors are expected to only sell current sealed product to brick and mortar hobby shops that agree to only sell it to end-user collectors. These Certified Diamond Dealer brick and mortar hobby shops are NOT permitted to wholesale the product to other retailers, to sub-distributors, or any other entity other than the end consumer. Upper Deck is also creating a new class of trade called UD Authorized Internet Retailers (AIR’s), for a select few customers that operate a brick and mortar hobby shop, and also have a presence on the internet. Upper Deck Authorized Internet Retailers have been hand-picked by Upper Deck to represent our brands online, and may be identified by looking for the Upper... [More]

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Vendor's keeping their word a thing of the past

March 28, 2011

In this buisness like any other, We use vendors and distributors to acquire alot of those products you love so much here at the Collectorzzone. Here is a short little story that really pisses me off. I had a rep at our dist we get music from. I wont mention his name or the dist. Now this sales rep & I go way back 12 years he has been my sales rep. He was my rep when Limp Bizket was a #1 band & thats a long time ago. His company was bought by a huge dist company and within a week of the purchase my rep of 12 years was let go due to downsizing. Now when we buy music for the store we usually only buy vinyl and import vinyl. Collectorzzone has always been known for our ability to get the really rare stuff. My new rep they gave me didnt process 3 of our recent orders. We have customers waiting for the new Whitesnake, Amon Amarth & a Thin Lizzy colored vinyl limited to only 1000 copies pressed. So the order was not placed. merchandise is now sold out and all my new improved rep could say was...


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